Due to COVID-19, Gold Star Soccer will modify their summer program. We will hold summer camps in locations that will allow us while following all of the local and state guidelines. We will also run 1 on 1 session throughout the summer months & Small group training (ages 5 - 23) during the weeks we can not run summer camps. We hope everyone is safe. Please reach out to us with any questions.

Provide your child the confidence with the soccer ball that will last a lifetime!

Become a Gold Star Soccer member today!

The Gold Star Soccer Mission is to raise the bar of youth development around the world by providing players the skills and parents the resources necessary to teach their child how to become comfortable and confident with the soccer ball while building interpersonal skills and emphasizing character development for players ages 2 - 12. 

Once you become a Gold Star Soccer member you will be able to log into the Gold Star Soccer membership page and start creating a vision board and setting weekly goals and dreams with your child. Parents and players will need to become familiar with the Gold Star teaching methodology before they begin the program and understand why it works.


Parents and players will watch each of the videos and read the descriptions of the daily activities. Once the player is ready to begin the program they will complete the three activities starting on day 1 and record their skills scores. 


Players will get ranked on the leaderboard against other players their same age from around the world. Throughout the program, players will have the opportunity to win online awards and points that can be redeemed in the Gold Star Soccer shop. 


When players accomplish each of the milestones from level 1 they are able to progress to level 2 and then onto level 3. 

The Gold Star Soccer methodology will change the direction of youth development in the US and around the world through intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

Membership Includes
4 - 12 years old program
Membership Includes

Master 3 daily activities

1. Juggling

2. Carrying the ball

3. Gold Star Zoo animal skills

$59.95 one time membership fee with a $14.95 monthly fee (first month free!)

1. Access to online membership page with "How to" videos

2. Gold Star Soccer Zoo Animal with 2 cones (shipped next day)

3. Gold Star Soccer T-shirt (while supplies last)

4. Gold Star bracelet

5. ranking on the leaderboard

6. Vision Board for SMART goals and dreams

7. Discounted prices at the Gold Star Soccer shop

Optional: Animal base (turf/indoor) $15.00

It is not good enough for a young player to be skillful; they need to be skillful with a purpose


Graham is only 7, this is his first full day soccer camp. When he gets in the car he was always excited about his day. I look forward to having him train with Gold Star in the future. We want him to enjoy his soccer and play, no pressure, just play! I feel that philosophy is promoted at Gold Star Soccer.

-parents of Graham- age 7

She comes home every day talking about her favorite "animal skill" she learned. We sat and talked about day 1 and what she hopes to accomplish and how to get there. She seemed happy to be able to achieve her goals. The process works! I've seen it first hand with my son's huge improvement with his confidence since starting with Gold Star Soccer.

-parents of Addison & Liam- ages 6 & 9 

He has found a drive to complete his goals such as carrying the ball. He lights up when he shows me the "zoo" animals like Lizard and Tasmanian devil. The SMART goals provide a guide but also a challenge to improve and prove to himself that he can do it.

-parents of Owen - age 8

She has broken out of her shell and is more confident in her skills. She kept practicing until she reached her goal. Once she did, she was so impressed with her self. 

-parents of Payton- age 7.

Chase knows where his weaknesses were but to write it out and see it was important as he can go back to it. Max liked setting a SMART goal that was attainable and being able to reach it.

-parents of Chase & Max- ages 10 & 7

Stella is a confident child to begin with, but we have definitely seen her confidence build throughout the program. Specifically she has gained confidence with the "Animal Skills". She is practicing them and wants to show-off what she has learned. Setting realistic and achievable goals has helped her focus on skill improvement and to track and measure her progress.

-parents of Stella- age 6

After 4 days, he says he feels more confident with his ability and that he can now do the "animal skills" he learned. Setting goals enabled him to find success small and large to keep him motivated. 

-parents of Cooper- age 9

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