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Gold Star Soccer 1 on 1 Training (9 - 23 years old)

Gold Star Soccer 1 on 1 training will consist of 6 hours of personalized instruction that is focused on an age appropriate training program catered towards a player's ability. Parents have the option of choosing the days & times that work for YOUR schedule. Each Session will consist of 60 minutes. Players will receive a phone consultation prior to the first session. Topics covered will be based off of the phone consultation and player's ability. Players will receive a SMART goal form that needs to be complete before the first session. Players will receive a full evaluation of their performance at the end of the 6 sessions. 

Cost: $240 (paid in full to the coach at the first session)

Location: Gold Star Staff will travel to your location

Days of the week: TBD by parent and Gold Star Soccer staff

Time: pre arranged between the coach and parent after the phone consultation 

Coach: parents can request a coach of their choice (based on availability)

Players will receive a 10% discount for 6 additional hours 


Possession, transition, combination play, zonal defending, pressing, and compactness


Running with the ball, turning, crossing and finishing


Strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, and mobility


Goal setting, motivation, self-confidence, competitiveness, communication

Your child will become comfortable and confident with the soccer ball while raising their self esteem! 

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