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Gold Star Soccer 360 Training (13 - 17 year olds)

Gold Star Soccer 360 summer program (13 - 17 year olds) will consist of 10 hours of personalized instruction that is focused on enhancing the tactical, technical, physical, and psychosocial concepts from the guidelines of US soccer. Topics that will be covered throughout the week will consist of individual and small group play, speed & agility, strength & conditioning, individual ball handling skills, and goal setting/motivation.


The Gold Star Soccer 360 Training program is designed for players ages who want to be challenged daily and improve for their fall high school/college season. Each player will receive a full evaluation from the coaching staff.

Small group training will consist of 2.5 hours a day for 4 days a week.



Possession, transition, combination play, zonal defending, pressing, and compactness


Running with the ball, turning, crossing and finishing


Strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, and mobility


Goal setting, motivation, self-confidence, competitiveness, communication

Cost: $175 per player

# of players will be limited (Gold Star Staff will add players to small groups as needed)

Available weeks for small group training:

August 14th - 17th morning sessions Field #1

Days: Monday - Thursday

Times: 8:30am - 11:00am

Location: Springfield Area, MA

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