The Gold Star Soccer teaching methodology is an educational tool that will teach you how to create an environment where your child will become comfortable and confident with a soccer ball. We will provide you with all of the tools necessary to give your child the best opportunity to fall in love with the game of soccer. The Gold Star Soccer teaching method has proven to get results for children as young as 2 years old.


The Gold Star Soccer teaching methodology was created when my daughter, Mila, was born in 2008. During individual training sessions I recognized that young soccer players were lacking the confidence and individual brilliance with the soccer ball. Through years of research, I began to understand that players who played at the highest level exhibited the same soccer characteristic. Players were comfortable with the soccer ball at their foot, and they were able to create space with the soccer ball. I understood the importance to create an environment where my children can become comfortable and confident with the soccer ball and “intrinsically” love the game of soccer at the early age of 2.


As a parent, I did not want them to play soccer because their dad was a former professional indoor soccer player who won a national championship. As a teacher of the game with a master’s degree in Education, I wanted to encourage them to be comfortable and confident, experience a raised self-esteem, and most importantly experience the fun and enjoyment of the game. 


The Gold Star Soccer Zoo is the product of the methodology. The Gold Star Soccer Zoo uses word association to engage young children in cultivating their love for the game. Children enjoy going to the Zoo. They interact with the animals, it’s engaging, and they have a positive experience. Children leave the zoo with memories that last a lifetime.


I want YOUR child to leave the Gold Star Zoo with individual brilliance that also lasts a lifetime. The word association of each zoo animals to the individual ball handling skill allows your child to have fun while becoming comfortable and confident with a soccer ball. The environment created with the Gold Star Soccer teaching methods will change the landscape in the development of soccer players worldwide. Are you ready?

------ Success will differ among children but the FUN will not. We hope you enjoy it! ------

Yours in Soccer,


Brent Dillard

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