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Carrying the soccer ball means that players keep the ball on the ground and close to their foot while maneuvering the ball away from defenders. In order for a player to properly carry the ball they must touch the ball every time the foot that is carrying the ball makes contact with the ground. Young players will quickly gain confidence if they are in a training environment that allows them to carry the ball and not get rid of it when they feel pressure from a defender. The more frequently players are allowed to keep the soccer ball; the quicker they will become comfortable and confident. Once a player becomes comfortable with carrying the ball straight forward they should progress into carrying the ball in diagonals. Carrying the ball in diagonals allows the attacking player to keep the defender off balance and always guessing where the ball is going. The Gold Star Soccer teaching methodology teaches players the proper way to carry the soccer ball.


The Gold Star Soccer teaching methodology puts players in an environment during each session that is result based but focuses on the process of “becoming comfortable and confident”. Young players are naturally competitive and players are encouraged to perform the Gold Star Soccer teaching methodology with 100% effort all of the time. A player’s individual performance is based on effort and is assessed against other players around the world.


The Gold Star Soccer teaching methodology allows players to increase their speed of play while becoming comfortable and confident with the ball. When a player becomes technically sound with the animal skill they must increase the speed at which the animal skills are performed. The game is always getting faster and players have less time on the ball. Young players need to train in an environment where they are stimulated to perform under pressure in a low-staked environment so they can learn what animal skills work for them. The Gold Star Soccer teaching methodology is the answer!

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