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Players will accumulate daily points from the three good daily habits.  Players will be able to win online awards and points that can be redeemed for "Gold Star" dollars that can be used in the Gold Star Soccer shop by completing milestones within the program. The Gold Star Zoo leaderboard will display the players performance against other players throughout the world. 


Daily Habit 1: Players will carry the ball in a figure 8 for 1 minute. Refer to “how to carry the soccer ball” and the “description of the figure 8”. 


Daily Habit 2: Players will juggle the ball for 4 minutes. Refer to the “technique of juggling”. The highest number of juggles will be recorded into their daily score sheet.  


Daily Habit 3: Players will carry the ball in a figure 8 performing each of the animal skills for 1 minute. Scores will be recorded into their score sheet. Refer to “description of the figure 8” and “how to score the figure 8”. 

How do you feel? Players will choose the emoji image that best suits their feeling after completing their daily activities.


Total skills: Players will add the total score from all three activities.

COMPLETE LEVEL 1 - Animal skills # 1 -4

Reach level 5 juggles (75)

Complete 10,000 points from the 3 daily activities

COMPLETE LEVEL 2 - Animal skills # 5 - 8

Reach level 7 juggles (150)

Complete 10,000 more points from the 3 daily activities

COMPLETE LEVEL 3 - multiple animal skills

Reach level 8 juggles (200)

Complete 10,000 more points from the 3 daily activities

The goal for players that use the Gold Star Soccer program is to have them be able to juggle the ball 200 times and complete 30,000 points before the age of 12. Are you ready for the challenge? 



The figure 8 creates an environment where players learn the proper technique of carrying the ball and they learn how to turn quickly away from a defender. The figure 8 concept challenges players to become comfortable and confident with both feet and to mentally stay focused in a tight area. The figure 8 for ages 4 – 8 focuses on the proper technique to turn away from a defender while performing the animal skills. Players ages 9 – 11 focus on the speed of play. How quickly can you perform an animal skill and beat the defender?


The figure 8 teaches you to recognize when and where you need to perform the animal skill to be successful in creating space to make a good decision with the ball. 

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