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The Gold Star Soccer training methodology is an individual skills development program written for young players to have fun while learning how to maximize their potential by feeling comfortable and confident with the soccer ball.  The first thing parents need to do is read through the complete methodology and become familiar with why the program works.


Parents will quickly understand that CONFIDENCE plays a critical role in the development of a young soccer player. The methodology is based on players being comfortable juggling the soccer ball and becoming confident carrying the soccer ball and performing the "animal skills" through healthy competition. Once a parent fully understands the curriculum you can begin explaining the program to your child.


Before your child begins the training program complete the following:

1.     Complete the “dreaming for the stars” drawing and post it in your room

2.     Read through the descriptions of each animal. Learn why the animals work along with when & where the animals should be performed. 

3.     Read through the description of the figure 8 and how to score the figure 8 on the score sheet

4.     Read the importance of learning how to juggle

5.     Write out your monthly SMART goals

6.     Begin the Gold Star Soccer Training program – Day 1

Each day a player trains they will record three activities: the number of juggles, carrying the ball, and how many animal skills they complete in 1 minute. Throughout the program players will assess their improvement and record their total skills score on the leaderboard. As players progress through the program and reach different milestones within the program they will be able to win online awards and "Gold Star dollars" that can be spent at the Gold Star Soccer shop.

It is important that parents and players understand the movement of each animal skill. Players will take ownership of their progress by recording their own score for each training activity into their score sheet. Once a player has completed the Level 1 skills program they will be able to open the next 4 animal skills and continue building on the confidence gained from the level 1 skills program.

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