The Gold Star Soccer teaching methodology is different because we educate you on how to teach your child to become comfortable and confident with the soccer ball. Your child will learn how to be skillful with a purpose and be able to create their own space which will allow them time to make good decisions with the ball. Other programs provide activities with a soccer ball that increases a player's heart rate without actually going anywhere. This environment creates players that are skillful but without a purpose of how to use the skills.


In order for a player to become brilliant with a soccer ball they need to learn how to: “use their skills to create space and make a good decision with the ball”. That decision could be to use an animal skill to go by a defender to create mores space, pass a ball to a player in a better position to score a goal, serve a ball to a teammate, or take a strike on goal. Young players are most successful when they are able to understand how to find their own space with the ball and make good decisions in an environment that allows them to keep the ball close. The Gold Star Soccer teaching methodology always has a purpose for when to use the animal skills. 

The Gold Star Soccer teaching methodology uses word association of our eight zoo animals to the specific animal skill. The animal skills taught are the same skills young players see professional soccer players performing on the soccer field. We explain how to apply these skills so players can create their own space. Players learn this by keeping the ball close to themselves and not kicking the ball away. Even at the young age of 4 players start to learn how to use the animal skills while attacking defenders. As a player, you want to move the defender. You never want a defender to tell you where to go with the ball. We have formulated an age specific program for Gold Star Soccer players between the ages 2 - 11 that will change the landscape of youth soccer.



Lizard Pass




Tasmanian Devil


Be a part of the Gold Star Soccer community and watch your child thrive in the game of soccer

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