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Home Training Program Membership (4 - 12 year old program)

Spring Program April - June

Max. of 4 players

Become a Gold Star Soccer member today and raise the bar of youth development

As a Gold Star Soccer member you will have access to a proven teaching methodology for 12 weeks that guarantees success! Our home program is an educational tool that will teach you how to create an environment where your child will become comfortable and confident with a soccer ball by completing 3 good daily habits. We will provide you with all of the tools necessary to give your child the best opportunity to fall in love with the game and become brilliant with the soccer ball. The Gold Star Soccer teaching method has 16 years of proven results. 

Step 1: Register below


Step 2: Members will receive an introduction email with instructions on how to set up their Gold Star Soccer membership page and how to join our Facebook page.


Step 3: Members will create a vision board and start setting weekly goals and dreams.

Step 4: Parents and players will watch each of the videos and read the descriptions of the daily activities. Parents and players will need to become familiar with the Gold Star teaching methodology before they begin the program and understand why it works. 


Step 5: Begin the program on Day 1 and record your scores on the daily skills tracker. 


Step 6: Watch your child become brilliant with the ball and have a raised self esteem for the next 8 weeks

Players will get ranked on the daily leaderboard against other players their same age from around the world. Throughout the program, players will have the opportunity to win online awards and points that can be redeemed in the Gold Star Soccer shop. 


The Gold Star Soccer methodology will change the direction of youth development in the US and around the world. Are you ready to become brilliant with the ball and raise the bar?

Membership Includes

1. Access to online membership page with "How to" videos

2. Gold Star Soccer Zoo Animal with 2 cones (shipped next day)

3. Gold Star Soccer T-shirt (while supplies last)

4. Gold Star bracelet

5. ranking on the daily leaderboard

6. Vision Board for SMART goals and dreams

7. Discounted prices at the Gold Star Soccer shop

8. All access pass to the coaching staff

Membership: 12 week (Begins April 5th  - ends June 26th)

cost: $225.00 (Must register before April 5th, 2021)

Optional: Animal base (turf/indoor) $15.00


Master 3 daily activities

1. Juggling

2. Carrying the ball

3. Gold Star Zoo animal skills


Your child will become comfortable and confident with the soccer ball while raising their self esteem! 

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